Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cross on the Rock Race #3 - Duncan

Last Sunday was the third of six 'Cross on the Rock' races for 2008.  The race was held in Duncan at Providence Farm - a fantastic venue and an inspiring place!  It was another beauty fall day and but we sure needed our 'HH warm' gear once the post-race chill set in. The course was fast and furious, with only one obstacle I'd have to dismount over, one crazy long climb that was painfully rideable and some nice twisty-ness.  Unique & challenging - exactly what we've come to expect from a 'Cross on the Rock' race.
I was pretty excited for the event, I knew the field was going to be pretty deep in the women's event, and I wanted to see how I'd fare.  I was also sporting brand-spanking-new Arrowsmith Bikes kit - and it's sweet stuff - so I was lookin' fast even if I wasn't going fast!  However, my race didn't pan out as I'd hoped.  Upon my first remount about 2/3rds through the first lap my seat went 'whank!' and tilted way back - not good.  I ended up riding the remainder of that lap and one more full lap like with it buggered like that before an alan key was at the ready in the pits, and the seat was fixed.  The women I was hoping to stay with were out of sight and try as I might I just couldn't pick up enough ground to get near.  Next time gadget, next time.

Jeff had an awesome race!  As the expert group blasted off the start line, I was wondering how many of them were secretly planning to snag the first lap prime prize of a 6-pack of beer.  As it turns out Jeff had fired up all the engines right off the hop and managed to reach the lap point ahead of the others and bring home the beer.  He was passed by only one guy, the very speedy Russell Anderson of Victoria, and held second for the entire race!  Nice one Jeff!  

p.s can you tell which one of us is a little more keen about taking pic's? 

Monday, October 6, 2008

Cross on the Rock Race #2

The only decent picture I got... Thibault on the crazy climb - perhaps you get some sense of how steep it was... and this shows only about 1/4 of it!

The second race in the 'CROSS ON THE ROCK' Cyclocross series was held in Victoria at the Juan de Fuca Rec center yesterday.  The course was awesome and really tough.  It was hilly & boy-oh-boy do the hills stand out for me, and of course the fact that I had a whole lot of nothin' in me to shake Bobbie Taylor off my wheel!!  Throughout the race everytime I looked back Bobbie was still there right behind me... yep still there, gotta go harder... &#@! still there, don't let her pass... *&##$@ still there, go go go!!!  We raced hard together from start to finish and if it wasn't for a small mechanical for Bobbie half-way through the last lap it would have come right down to the wire!   In the end it was speedy Dawn Anderson (nee Berg) in 1st, Jaymie McGowen strong in 2nd and me in 3rd.  As always, getting to watch the other races was super fun - the Expert race was exciting - some notable highlights include the many mechanicals, Beaston bunny hopping the barriers again, and Olympian Geoff Kabush riding the hilly run-up like it was a gentle slope.  Good times!

Kudos to the Multi-Sport Promotions crew and the Victoria host club for another awesome event, wicked prizing (seriously so good!!) and all round fun times.  Huge thanks to everyone who came out to cheer - sure makes a difference - hope to see you on course sometime soon!! I did get my buddy Norm out racing - his first (of many?) cyclocross races!  Looking forward to the next race in Duncan in 2 weeks... hopefully I'll have more HHVI company out riding.  ;)