Saturday, January 24, 2009

Arrowsmith Gully Route

Well...Today I tried to coerce Justin to go hiking but he was too sick and bailed so I took the dogs out for a hike.  The road into Arrowmith had been impassable for a while because of the snow, but with the warmer weather lately it was good to go.  I threw the dogs into the car and off we went.  The hike was awsome it was totally sping conditions all the way up.  I went up a snow gulley with the dogs and set up a short video...Then dropped the camera down a 200ft slope.......and it survived.  There is a testamonial to the Olympus cameras if there ever was one.  The dogs did not really like the down hill portion of the slopes and Stella took about a 120 ft runout at the bottom!  Don't worry, she is alright.  IT was a beautiful day and I took a few pics and videos.  Enjoy.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

YETI SEASON IS HERE - and what a great start to the season!

The Yeti Snowshoe Season had a glorious start today with over 215 shoe'ers coming out to bask in the sun at the Mt.Washington Event.  It was amazingly warm up there and people were snowshoeing in shorts and even some braved it without shirts!  
It was awesome to start the pre-race with big hugs from our HH sponsor/supporter Mark Campbell and then head into the lodge to register and find ourselves surrounded by friends - what a great atmosphere at the Yeti's!  The race course was great and the shortage of new snow didn't seem to matter, Dave Howells put together a challenging route with lots of variation.  And the sun... how could we ask for a better race day gift than beautiful glorious sunshine!  What a day!

Team HHVI (Justin Mark, Carey Sather, Jeff Riemer, Kristenn Magnusson and Jay Latiff) had a great day and finished 1st in the team 10km catergory!

Biggest and Best News of the Day:
The Snow Queen is back!!  Carey raced her first Yeti since 2007 today and she didn't just race it, she rocked it!!  She placed 3rd in a beautifully consistent race, making it look easy!  Here's the podium picture post-race at Raven Lodge.
Jeff and Justin both also landed on the podium with Jeff in 2nd and Justin in 3rd.  Awesome work out there!!  
Here they are cooling down after the race:
 Here's what most of the field got to look at during the race... 
Here they are post-race after hitting the podium and getting their Sleeman sponsored prizes!

It was a really great start to the series - next race Jan 31st at Mt.Seymour!