Sunday, December 21, 2008

Skiing had started!!

We've been waiting for snow to arrive so that we can get our ski's on and hit the hill... well mother nature decided to deliver it all at once... we've had a HUGE amount of snow in the last week and it just keeps on coming!  Usually it's only up on the mountains, but this time it's blanketing the entire island!  wow!  We can even snowshoe from the yard!

Today we travelled up to Mt. Washington for some nordic skiing, our youngest team member, baby Chase joined us too, although due to some serious wind chill he was best kept indoors!  

We hit the hills and had an awesome view of Mt. Albert Edward.
Justin looks way underdressed in this pic - it was frigid!
Jeff's set the pace and was wishing for some extra windbreak over the valuables.
This next shot was actually from Thursday, the boys were testing out the telemark gear!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hiking up Mt. Arrowsmith DEC 14th, 08

The snow started Friday here on the island and it's been coming down pretty heavy all weekend - we're pretty excited about that because we're all dying to get out skiing and snowshoeing (it's only a month until the first Yeti race!).

Today myself, Jeff and Justin decided to head up Mt. Arrowsmith with our friend Jamie. There was tonnes of snow even at home in Parksville so we were certain there would be lots on the mountain too... and we were not disappointed! Our crampons and ice axes helped us up the scrambly route, our Helly Hansen gear kept us warm and dry, and the victorious picture of Jeff is exactly how we all felt when we got up there. It was a pretty beauty day (okay, so admittedly we are easy to please, as long as the day includes snow and a mountain it qualifies as a beauty in our books!).
Playing in the snow with your friends is fun.

Jeff, Justin and I all had different HH outer shells in use today... Jeff in the Volt, Justin in the Verglas and me in the Numa... we were all totally dry and cozy, tells you that HellyTech XP material in any size or shape is an awesome choice for these types of adventures!