Wednesday, February 18, 2009

YETI #3 - Grouse Mountain

We've caught ourselves by surprise, sweeping the Team 10km Event at all the Yeti's so far this year!  Go Team HHVI!!

Grouse Mountain's steep and continuous climb was tough but we managed to pull off the team victory and some gain some personal glory as well.  Enjoying the view from the front of the pack & placing 2nd overall Jeff smoked the 8.9km course in just under 50 minutes!!  2 racers back Justin pulled of a great performance despite tired legs to place 3rd in their category.  Trevor & Jay crossed the line in the top 20 and rounded out the mens performances for our team.  Two podium finishes for the HHVI men! sweet!  Carey the climber smoked the assent and finished 2nd in the womens category.  Kristenn thought the climb was going to kill her, but was the next women in behind Carey to seal the deal with a 3rd place finish and a spot on the podium.  Two podium finishes for the HHVI women! sweet!  

As usual the awards party at Taylor's Crossing Pub was full of laughs and cheers and wicked prizes - Jeff came home with the Sleeman's bucket again!

Big applause goes out to fellow Yeti runners from the Rock on some awesome performances. Big thanks to Bill and his crew - because of them we always have seats at the Pub and extra laughs too. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Yeti #2 - Mt. Seymour

The 2nd Yeti of the season was held at Mt. Seymour on Saturday Jan 31st.  We were moderately unmotivated & grumbling about the 6:30 am ferry ride that morning.  After the ferry ride we made a pit stop for some breakfast snacks and then headed up to the mountain for the 11am start of the 10km Yeti race - we were wondering a bit what the heck we were doing... all feeling like a nice late saturday sleep-in would have been much more pleasant.  However, we arrived at Seymour in time to see some friends finish strong in the 5km (9:30 am start) race & they were excited about the course, telling us that the first part of the course was fast and downhill, and the snow was hard packed and pretty smooth!  The excitement started to build (as it always does) as we ran into friends and fellow racers during registration and warm-up.  The course provided an excellent challenge for all of us... with Jeff and Justin crashing into each other within the first 1km of the race (agro!), luckily they were laughing about it afterwards and enjoyed some good racing on course.  The route was up & down with many steep hills & some good twisty single track on the flats, times were fast and the conditions were great.   Carey and Justin pulled off 3rd place finishes in their categories (woot!) with the rest of us running in close behind them.
Racing for Team HHVI at Mt. Seymour were: Justin Mark, Carey Sather, Jeff Riemer, Kristenn Magnusson, Andrew Clark, Norm Barmeier and Trevor Davison.  We pulled off another team victory and also scored big on the door prizes at the awards ceremony!